Siemens Acuson Cypress Portable Ultrasound Machine

В комплекте Portable Сердечно-сосудистая машина.

ACUSON Cypress™ сердечно-сосудистая система ПЛЮС обеспечивает улучшенную эргономичный дизайн и премиум сердечно-сосудистой производительность в полностью цифровой, портативный, ручной осуществляется блоком. Система Cypress имеет всеобъемлющий эхокардиографии и сосудистому приложений, и предназначен для работы во всех ваших занятых клинических условиях — от мала

офис или больницу лаборатории личное эхо пациенту
прикроватная, первая помощь, операционная люкс, и
Блок интенсивной терапии.


Ниже приводится обобщенное описание этой технологии систем, технические характеристики, особенности и варианты.Ниже, могут не отражать особенности и опции, доступные на единиц у нас в инвентаре.

ACUSON Cypress™ сердечно-сосудистая система ПЛЮС является весьма миниатюрных, простой в использовании, полностью цифровой поэтапно и линейная система массив, который обеспечивает высокую производительность сердечно-сосудистой платформу для полных исследований и выдающихся образов — даже на самых технически сложных пациентов.

Comprehensive Applications

  • The only portable system on the market with a complete range of cardiovascular applications, including:
  • Adult and pediatric transthoracic echocardiography (TTE)
  • Multiplane transesophageal echocardiography (TEE)
  • Intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) with ACUSON AcuNav™ ultrasound catheters
  • Peripheral vascular
  • Abdominal vascular
  • Comprehensive measurements and calculations as well as report and analysis packages, including integrated stress echo

High Performance

  • Fully digital, proprietary system architecture enables outstanding imaging performance typically seen on high end systems for uncompromised diagnostic confidence
  • Advanced transducer technology migrated from the ultra-premium ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system for superior image quality
  • High temporal resolution and sensitivity in color Doppler due to multiple beam formation provides highly detailed information for improved patient outcomes

It features a full range of capabilities, including:

  • 2D imaging in fundamental and harmonic modes
  • M-mode
  • High frame rate color flow imaging
  • Color Doppler Velocity mode
  • Pulsed Wave Spectral Doppler mode
  • Continuous Wave Spectral Doppler mode
  • Color Doppler Energy (CDE) mode (Power-Amplitude Doppler)
  • Vascular imaging
  • Contrast agent imaging
  • ECG trace – Cardiac & Vascular Display Triggering and Frame Indication
  • Comprehensive measurements and calculations
  • Digital dynamic exam acquisition, storage, database, review and transfer
  • Embedded DICOM conformance
  • Patient Information Security Toolbox – HIPAA compliant
  • Integrated hard disk drive
  • Integrated magneto-optical disk drive

System Specifications

  • Weight: 19 lbs / 8.6 kg
  • Height: 13.67″ (34.7 cm)
  • Width: 15.58″ (39.6 cm)
  • Depth: 7.64″ (19.4 cm) – with keyboard up; 17.0″ (43.2 cm) – with keyboard down


  • 12.1 inch/30.7 cm flat panel active matrix display screen with 5 – 30 degree tilt adjustment
  • Adjustable brightness
  • When hand-carried the system monitor is fully covered and protected by the fold-up control pan

User Interface

  • Direct access to system functions through dedicated keyboard controls and multifunctional soft keys
  • Home-base layout and easy access main controls, including centrally positioned multi-functional trackball and enter keys, for minimum hand movement while controlling the system
  • Functional grouping of keys, rotational knobs, switches and sliding TGC controls for direct access to critical functions
  • Adjustable trackball speed
  • Tactile feedback on control activation

Operating Modes

  • 2D, fundamental and harmonic imaging
  • Color Doppler Velocity (CDV)
  • Color Doppler Energy (CDE)
  • M-mode, vertical split screen display with 2D
  • Pulsed Wave (PW) Spectral Doppler
  • Continuous Wave (CW) Spectral Doppler
  • Duplex Doppler (combined 2D and spectral Doppler (PW or CW) display)

Power Supply

  • Input voltage: 100-120/200-240 V AC

Patient Study Management

  • Internal hard drive for patient data management
  • MO Disk Drive for Data transfer

External Data Management

  • DICOM® Connectivity ( option )

System Applications & Reporting


  • Contrast Imaging

Cardiac Imaging

  • Adult Echo
  • Cardiac Screening/Survey
  • ECG
  • Pediatric Echo
  • Stress Echo (Option)
  • TEE

Vascular Imaging

  • Arterial
  • Carotid
  • IMT (Option)
  • Venous
  • Volume Flow


  • One active port connector
  • A suite of 7 transducers that include Curved, Linear, Phased array and TEE probes
  • Frequency range: 2.0 – 7.0 MHz

Transducers / Probes (*Displayed MHz range includes multiple transducers)

  • Linear Array 5-7 MHz
  • Curved Array 2-4 MHz

Cardiac Transducers/Probes

  • Adult Cardiac 2-4 MHz
  • Catheter 6-7 MHz
  • Pediatric Cardiac 3-7 MHz
  • Pencil 2 MHz
  • TEE 3-6 MHz

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